Installing mkite packages#

Core package#

The most basic mkite package that should be installed is mkite_core. Inside the newly-created environment, you can install this package by running

pip install mkite_core

The mkite_core will provide most functions to execute a job in any given client. Nevertheless, advanced job management in clients would often require the installation of two additional mkite packages: mkite_engines and mkwind to manage the jobs. You can install them using


pip install mkite_engines mkwind


If you are setting up a client, you can install only the desired plugins that will be used for executing jobs in that particular client. For example:

pip install mkite_conformer

Database interface#

Finally, if you are setting up a server, you will have to install the main database and its associated dependencies:

pip install mkite_db

If you are setting up a client only (say, for running jobs in an HPC environment), you do not need to install the mkite_db package.